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ARisk, the startup of predictive risk algorithms, closes €350,000 round

ARisk, a university spin-off of the Polytechnic of Turin, founded by former Consob chairman Giuseppe Vegas, which develops predictive risk algorithms, has concluded the long-awaited $428,000 (€350,000) capital increase, which saw the entry of private investors, all from the finance sector.



Last May, ARisk was awarded a non-repayable loan of $428,000 (€350,000) on the Finpiemonte call for proposals for the “Support for consolidation and growth programs of startups.” The call foresaw that the partners or third-party financiers would put another (€350,000) into the company’s coffers, thus bringing the total of the round to (€700,000).

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Arisk was founded in 2017 by Valeria Lazzaroli

Among the investors of the round just concluded there are: RNK (the investment holding company of Roberto Nicastro, former top banker and co-founder of Aidexa), Fausto Galmarini (president of Assifact, Director in Abi and Creval, and head of institutional relations of Banca Sistema), Andrea Viganò (former executive chairman of BlackRock Italy), Guido Perboli (Associate Professor DAUIN Politecnico di Torino), Roberto Marsella (private investor, former business development manager of Cdp Equity and promoter of the Spac ALP. I), Roberto Lancellotti (Director Inps, Cattolica Assicurazioni, former McKinsey), Angelo Cortese (private investor), Sergio Gorelli (lawyer), Claudio Gorelli (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Opera Nazionale di Assistenza del Personale del Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco, Chairman OdV Castalia CS. scpa for environmental protection at sea, president of the Board of Auditors Fondazione Cotec, accountant), Valerio Menaldi (lawyer, sole director of AMGA Legnano), Fabrizio Milani (CIO of Arisk).

Arisk was founded in 2017 by Valeria Lazzaroli, Beppe di Sisto, Vittorio Pizzorno, and professionals with expertise in civil engineering, finance, and auditing, who were later joined by Giuseppe Vegas. Initially incubated by I3P of the Politecnico di Torino under the leadership of Professor Giuseppe Scellato, the startup has been a university spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino since 2019, and thanks to the skills developed by the departments of the Politecnico di Torino, ARisk can count on studies, analyses and risk datasets in numerous sectors both public and private.

Since the beginning of 2019, Guido Perboli, Professor at the Faculty of Management Engineering of the university, is the R&D director of ARisk to coordinate the activities of the data scientists and PhDs involved in the project, in order to constantly implement the algorithms underlying the vertical risks developed. On the occasion of this last capital increase, Perboli became, as said, also a partner of the startup.

Giuseppe Vegas, president of Arisk, commented: “It’s an honor to be accompanied by great professionals in this journey of ours in a world where data, and especially its interpretation and prediction, are the basis of the development of all economic activities. We have developed some really powerful algorithms and now we are ready to make them available to companies and public bodies. Thanks to the new injection of capital, we will be able to proceed further in research and propose our technology to an even wider spectrum of potential customers.”

Through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, Arisk analyzes any type of risk and predicts its evolution and economic and financial impact. Arisk helps companies, investors, financial institutions, governments, and public and private organizations understand, quantify, monitor, and manage the risks to which they are exposed on a daily basis. From operational risk to financial risk, the startup is able to calculate and monitor in various fields and sectors, where the uniqueness is in providing a unique dashboard in which decision trees and fault trees are able to measure and quantify the probability of loss and the financial economic impact.

Using artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and neural networks, Arisk analyzes any type of risk and predicts its evolution. This is possible thanks to the innovative calculation algorithms of the AI4 Red Flags platform, which supports companies, investors, financial institutions, and public and private administrations in understanding, quantifying, and monitoring risks to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

The algorithms developed by Arisk are based on the consideration that, in order to understand how sound a company is financially or how vulnerable it is in its core activities, it is necessary to analyze it not only in financial terms, but also in terms of production and organizational processes. The same applies to infrastructure projects and real estate developments. The variables to be considered are always in the round, they change and must be weighted with weights that can change over time. With the objective of becoming a reference for the public and private sectors, Arisk’s algorithms are developed to predict the evolution of risks that are already present and those that in the future could represent important criticalities, if not duly evaluated.

“Arisk therefore acts as a support to the public and private sector by being able to dispose of technical-scientific resources, technological systems and operational solutions in order to treat risk as an opportunity for growth, reputational eligibility, competitiveness on a national and international basis,” concluded Vegas.


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