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Driving efficiency in the modern business: using software to decrease administrative burdens

Business management is time consuming, requiring the development and management of complex sets of resources and relationships. This brings with it an accumulative administrative burden—clients, staff, transactions, documents… all entail tedious administration tasks, dragging efficiency down. For businesses seeking additional efficiencies, an appropriate software solution is often the key.



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Managing a company, regardless of its size, is a daily challenge. Even experienced and knowledgeable managers will tell you that. You must, therefore, arm yourself accordingly and find effective tools to help you in this complex task. In the age of technology, meeting the requirements of company management can no longer be done without the use of dedicated software. You must, therefore, be able to determine and choose an adequate software solution in all (or almost all) areas of your structure’s life. According to a recent study, the software market is expected to grow by 10% by 2019-2027.

Optimizing the fit of software to the demands of their business is just one of the many ongoing concerns for today’s managers, as is staying on top of all the latest business news—fortunately, the latter is easy to do with our free companion app, Born2Invest.

The software for human resources management and recruitment

As an entrepreneur, you need to know that human capital is the most valuable asset you have. Therefore, if you want your business to run smoothly, human resources will have to be handled and managed optimally.

Your company’s human resources department is where most management takes place. It is this department that is responsible for selecting and training the talent that will contribute to the evolution of the organisation. It is also in charge of managing employment contracts and remuneration. To simplify all the processes of these operations, which can sometimes be time-consuming, it is strongly recommended to use HRM software.

Recruitment of new hires

Indeed, the implementation of a recruitment management software will help you to choose the right candidate. Recruitment software allows for the automated distribution of job offers and optimal management of applications. In an instant, you get a clear view of the candidates and the status of the recruitment. In one click, you can consult the candidate’s CV and cover letter, then annotate the form to add comments on the application. This function is very valuable if several employees are involved in the recruitment process. The recruitment software is also very useful for replying to applications with personalized automatic responses. You can also build up a CV library to keep the CVs of candidates who seem interesting to you and categorize them for easy retrieval. Thanks to the recruitment software, you benefit from support in the sourcing process. Find qualified talents by keeping relevant profiles in the database of your recruitment software.

Human resources management

To be successful, human talent must be managed properly. The HR management software will therefore provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for the evolution of your structure. Likewise, analyzing this data will allow you to know which employees are the most qualified or competent to occupy a particular position.

Another advantage of the HRM software is that it leads to an increase in efficiency in daily assignments. Thanks to this solution, you can say goodbye to manual records and enjoy considerable time savings so that you can better concentrate on your core business. Moreover, if you use a good HR management tool, you will save a lot of money through automation.

Indeed, automating tasks in this sector allows you to manage your staff without having to hire others to do so. In addition, a good HR management tool will ensure the security of the data you produce in the company. What’s more, you can easily retrieve it in the event of a disaster or emergency.

All in all, thanks to this software solution, you will be able to meet all the challenges related to personnel management.

Customer Relationship Management software: CRM

In addition to good human capital management, being considerate towards customers is essential for success in your business. Building, managing and maintaining links with your potential customers is not an easy task and requires your attention at all times.

Customer relationship management software offers powerful features to build and strengthen the relationship between customers and the company. But also to seduce prospects in order to conquer new markets. The use of a CRM is an excellent solution to create an effective and lasting interaction between the customer and you (supplier).

Today, customer relations are no longer just a transactional relationship, but rather a well-structured and continuously maintained relational exchange.

The direct advantages of a CRM for the management of the business relationships are many. It allows you to listen to and better understand the customer’s needs. It helps you to have a better visibility on past exchanges with prospects and consumers. Thus, you will be able to propose an offer that truly meets the needs of your customers and guarantee their loyalty.

In addition, more and more organizations are using business relationship management software solutions because they facilitate the management of contacts (prospects, customers, partners) by providing information following a purchase, a visit or a survey.

All this data collected will help you, in the long term, to identify and determine the profile of each consumer. Afterwards, it will be easier to adapt and target your marketing campaigns in a specific way.

In fact, each customer will feel unique and will have the sensation of being the target of a personalized message. Finally, it is important to remember that CRM allows you to track orders and billing data specific to each consumer. The use of this tool therefore helps you to carry out several actions: correctly identify customer needs and anticipate the company’s sales strategy in relation to them.

Enterprise Resource Planning software: ERM

If you are looking for a complete solution to manage your business, we advise that you turn to an ERP tool, because its modularity covers all the operational fields of a commercial structure. The administration of activities is associated with the accounting management with the same database. In addition, other modules can be implemented according to your needs.

ERP software presents a unified information system that simplifies internal and external exchanges in addition to considerably reducing the data entry burden. Most of the ERP tools on the market offer complete modularity that allow you to adapt to the specificity of your company.

Another advantage of using ERM software is the scalability ensured by the consistency of the information model that underpins all processes. Consequently, ERP software evolves with your company and according to its requirements.

To choose an ERP that is adapted to your company, make sure that it offers all the functionalities capable of administering the full depth of your activities and of strengthening cooperation between the entities of your commercial organisation. When selecting an ERM solution, don’t forget that the accounting dimension of the solution must take into account the particularities of your sector (countries, tax rules, currencies, etc.).


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