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Why the Elcora, Elephant Red long-term deal is an industry game changer

Elcora Advanced Materials (TSXV:ERA.V, OTCMKTS:ECORF) teams up with Elephant Red to enhance the durability of solar panels and electronics with graphene coatings.



Elcora Advanced Materials (TSXV:ERA.V, OTCMKTS:ECORF) and Elephant Red Maple Leaves New Material Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Elephant Red) have recently signed a groundbreaking deal that involves the production of graphene coatings applications.

Elephant Red has also pledged a $1 million investment to Elcora to achieve their plan of producing commercial products with graphene coatings. Once things get going, the graphene-coated products will be exported to Canada, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mexico and the Philippines.

The deal is part of a Private Placement, which involves up to 7.8 million units at $0.32 per unit to raise up to $2.5 million. A holder has the right to one common share and one common share purchase warrant. He or she will also have the option of buying an additional common share of Elcora for two years.

Graphene has the unique ability to enhance the materials it is applied to like batteries, sensors, solar panels, and electronics, among others. According to Graphene-Info, it has limitless possibilities due to its unique attributes such as possessing extraordinary electrical, thermal and optical properties, on top of being strong and lightweight. Graphene coatings are also resistant to chemicals, corrosion, fire, moisture and ultraviolet rays, per American Coatings Association. In the medical scene, graphene is also used in transplants because they are resistant to degradation.

Elcora, a vertically-integrated graphite and graphene company founded in 2011, is playing a major role in transforming different industries because of its cutting-edge products. It is a Canadian-based graphite producer with a graphite mine in Sri Lanka. Because of this, it can control production from an end-to-end perspective of the supply chain. Elcora is capable of mining, refining, producing and distributing its graphite products, which ensures its top quality.

The boom in lithium-ion batteries coincided with the search for better energy management and the emergence of electric vehicles to combat the worsening air pollution in the world. The Paris Agreement states that countries must bring down carbon emission to pre-industrial levels. Curbing reliance on oil-powered vehicles could make a big impact in reducing carbon emissions, and this fuels electric vehicle companies such as Tesla, Ford, Honda, Alphabet, Daimler and Apple to ramp up production of battery-powered cars.

Aside from Elephant Red, global defense and security expert Lockheed Martin Canada has also collaborated with Elcora for lithium-ion anode technology. Lockheed Martin Canada is a part of Lockheed Martin Corporation, which employs close to 100,000 employees globally.

Lockheed Martin Canada has also partnered with Elcora in the hopes of applying graphene to its own products. (Photo by Ahunt via Wikimedia Commons.)

Lockheed Martin Canada has also partnered with Elcora in the hopes of applying graphene to its own products. (Source)

Elcora Advanced Materials CEO Troy Grant expressed satisfaction with the deals.

“We are extremely pleased to announce this newly formed strategic partnership with Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a dominant leader in aerospace, defense, energy and advanced technologies with worldwide interests,” he added.

On the other hand, Lockheed Martin Canada General Manager Rosemary Chapdelaine expressed mutual admiration.

“The future of renewable energy is here, and Elcora is leading the way in producing clean graphite for the energy storage market. Elcora’s vision is two-fold in that it not only has plans to reduce the carbon footprint through green energy, but its anode material comes from a mine that has one of the highest grades of graphite in the world, thereby significantly reducing the need for harmful chemicals in the refinement process.”

As far as independent testing is concerned, Elcora earned a certification from the National Singapore University’s Centre for Advanced 2D Materials. According to findings, Elcora has produced derivatives with as much as 55 percent graphene content. That is considerably high, given that the other graphene companies can only muster 2-10 percent graphene content.

When global leaders in national defense and industrial coatings have trusted one company to supply them with high-quality graphene, it reflects how Elcora has managed to position itself atop the rankings in such as short period. It will not be a surprise anymore if other industry leaders will rely on Elcora to supply their graphene needs.

NASA is one of the companies that can benefit from graphene coatings. Researchers at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy are studying the effects of graphene coatings in corrosion protection. In the aerospace industry, protection against corrosion is crucial but without the added weight. This perfectly fits graphene coatings.

Freedonia projects that the global consumption of graphene will largely depend on its price reduction. With Elcora providing the world’s supply of high-quality graphene, it is not impossible to reduce its price in the near future. The applications are limitless and global industry leaders must take notice to take advantage of its benefits.

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