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New grads must consider field work and outside-their-major jobs

Fresh grads dream of having a job related to their majors. However, doing field work and unrelated jobs may not be the step back you think they are.



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In a tough job market, new graduates just fresh off the university might have to do the unthinkable if they want to get work quickly.

They should consider unglamorous field work that is miles away from the cushy confines of the office. It’s also better if they apply for jobs that may not be related to their degree, subject major, or academic discipline. These are not just survival tactics, but pathways that can help them develop needed skills and open important opens in a way that their first preferred job specialty could not do.

Beth Ford writes in Fortune that field work can broaden a newbie’s horizons and show them what the business is about, from ground-level. In her first job as a night warehouse manager, she learned first-hand the intricacies and complexities of the logistics sector and rubbed elbows with the workers who made movement and transport possible.

She adds that opportunities can open up if the newbie sees employment as a lifelong learning process and will take on work that may be outside their immediate field of study. Lateral career transfers can make that possible, as she herself has worked in industries as diverse as agriculture, energy, food, and publishing.

Field work and jobs not related to what your studies are not just for survival; they may move your career forward. (Source)

John Wasik seconds that approach in CBS News by pointing out that new graduates must study first the industry they want to enter. It does not matter if they had studied for it for years. What does is determining if it is thriving, losing money, laying off employees, or is on the list of endangered status.

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For example, journalism graduates who encounter frequent shutdowns of publishing houses can consider work in other fields, but this time use their communication skills in the public relations departments of non-media companies.

Wasik finally advises new graduates to define themselves according to their skills and abilities, and not according to their degree. They can then leverage these skills to find a career that they love or even put up their own business.

Angelique Moss is a London-based entrepreneur, writer, and traveller. The world of business, finance and investments, is her preferred cup of tea. She also keeps herself updated with the developments in technology, and likes to participate in discussions on health, art and media.

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