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Good cell reception can actually boost your career

Good cell reception allows for a more productive workplace. Seamless, strong cell signals improve communication, coordination, and concentration of workers.



Mobile phones, laptops and basically all technology goes hand-in-hand with good internet connection and are crucial in everyday life. Gone are the days when productivity was measured just by the simple pen, paper, and output.

These days, we are ever so reliant on the internet that it basically runs our daily lives to make it so much easier to do tasks. However, one of the downsides is that you’re never too sure when interrupted connections can happen. Usually, it’s those most crucial times when things can go awry.

Mobile phones are more than just accessories 

Having the latest gadget on your hands is cool but it also should have a purpose. Mobile phones have never been so important for businesses as it gives real-time information—from receiving important emails or receiving files. Moreover, mobile phones can give employees quicker means to communicate to each other whether through messaging apps or more.

Isn’t good cellular reception not-so-common?

Mobile phone users who often use their devices inside buildings may experience choppy conversations or dropped calls due to an unstable connection. Network extenders help to avoid employees having to move around the office in search for a more stable connection so voice calls are clear and crisp without any worry. Say goodbye to choppy conversations or dropped calls.


Good cell reception allows for a more productive workplace. (Source)

Perhaps, the best product out on the market that ensures stable connections is the network extender from 5BARz International (OTC: BARZ) which improves cellular signals. It works with 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE and is perfect for those who telecommute or join the daily grind from 9 to 5. The plug-and-play device offers unparalleled proven signal enhancement. It allows for an uninterrupted connection within 4,000 square feet. All those features and more housed in a 635-gram package.

The very efficient and revolutionary  network extender is useful at work to make a more productive workforce.

Heightened focus on tasks

When cellphone signals are strong, employees have fewer reasons to leave their desk. There is also a less chance of breaking concentration, thanks to that. Work can be more seamless as well, as coordination through smartphones will not be interrupted by the need to look for an area with stronger signals. Converstaions are clearer and non-repetitive.

Quicker turnaround of work

Mobile data connection plays a bigger role now more than ever. Most businesses rely on the exchange of files through the internet. Whether you’re working in creatives waiting to send that big file over to the client for checking or you need to download important PDF documents for a meeting, getting these files to where they need to be and on time are crucial to any business. Faster connections also mean that you accomplish work on time and important dollars are not spent on wasted time.

Voice of authority through phone calls

One of the benefits of having excellent connection thanks to a network extender is the quality of voice calls. According to Engadget, “any calls you make can now be made confidently, knowing fully well that there are going to be no dropped calls or no loss of signals.” Communication is easier and faster.

With improved connections at work, you’re sure to be more productive. Tasks get done and they are on time. With good cell reception made available to by the network extender, there will be no more excuses or wasted time spent while at work.

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