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These tips will keep European luxury cars at their best shape

European luxury vehicles offer a driving experience like no other. Here are several useful tips on how to keep these vehicles running smoothly.



For most, driving a car is a means for getting from point A to point B. A working stereo and heated seats may be the only needs for those ‘commuters’, but real drivers make each trip and experience and deeply engage with the vehicle they are driving. And driving a highly engineered and tuned European car offers a driving experience like no other.

Cars from Europe and specifically Germany are designed around the driver to deliver the most satisfying road experience possible, and these cars need some extra attention to keep them operating at the top of the envelope.

Memorize your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Precisely engineered systems and high-performance fluids must be checked and changed on a regular basis.

Insist on high-quality replacement parts that are meant for your vehicle. High output engines and sport-tuned handling systems require the best performing and most durable components to maintain that high level of performance. Distributors such as will ensure you have the correct parts for your vehicle.

European luxury cars are highly engineered. Apart from their stunning looks, they also give a unique driving experience. (Source)

Use the recommended fuel all the time. Many drivers complain of lower performance over time and this could be because the wrong fuel is used. Always fill up with the highest possible octane rating as recommended by the manufacturer on the filling spout.

Be particular on the tires for your vehicle. Car makers will always require a specific size and speed rating but may go as far as recommending the brand as well. Your vehicle was tested and engineered using a specific set of tires and sticking to what is meant for your particular car will ensure safety and performance while on the road.

Drivers and enthusiasts who have had the pleasure of driving a European or German performance car will tell you that it is an experience that Japanese and US automakers cannot replicate. Vaunted drivers cars such as BMWs 3 Series or Mercedes Benz’s AMG C43 are the go-to vehicles when performance, handling and driving experience are top considerations and proper maintenance and the correct replacement parts will keep that experience going for a long time.

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