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Promoting women’s football in Malta by UEFA projects

The Malta Football Association, supported by UEFA, is working on a project that promotes women’s football in Malta.



The Malta Football Association (MFA) started working on projects to encourage and promote women’s football in Malta as supported by UEFA.

“I believe that women’s football projects will give a very positive image for the game. It’s great to see our young girls playing football since our game needs to give out positive messages. Our game needs to be much more accessible and at the same time it doesn’t need to be exclusive to just one segment of society, and gender balance is one of them,” stated Angelo Chetcuti, Malta FA’s General Secretary.

The sport helps female players feel confident—it shows that they are able to speak up because women are equal to men, and there isn’t any difference. It is crucial in developing the sports spirit.

Chetcuti added, “UEFA’s support has been crucial because it helps us fund opportunities such as coach education in order to increase the quality of our coaching. It funds also our academy, as well as our competitions. My hopes are to continue increasing our numbers of young female football players but also to strengthen the competition and to see more and more people attending our women’s games and our women’s national team matches.”

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