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You’re just 3 minutes away from having a champion mindset

Whatever the subject, whatever the arena, the point is to find the very best champion(s) you can find.



You're just 3 minutes away from having a champion mindset

No matter what your field of expertise is, you are only 3 minutes away from having a champion mindset.

“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.” Muhammad Ali

Selena Gomez has a song called Like a Champion, which starts with the chant, “Walk like a champion, talk like a champion”. As a Mental Toughness coach, I incorporate this concept into a 3-minute drill that my clients practice prior to a performance event.

Whatever your chosen field, find the person at the very top, find the champion. If it’s sales, find the top sales rep in your industry. If it’s management and leadership, find the best manager and best leader. If it’s sports, find your sport’s top performer. If it’s fitness and nutrition, find the person you want to look most like. If it’s teaching, find the best teacher of the subject, at the best institution. If it’s coaching, find the best coach, etc.

Whatever the subject, whatever the arena, the point is to find the very best champion(s) you can find. Once you chose your champion(s), now study them, watch them perform, watch their interviews, read their blogs, articles, books, and biographies. Choose three or four more champions, repeat and rinse.

Why? You have to dig a well from which to draw, prior to your performance event. Enter the 3-minute drill, during which, think of yourself as an actor starring in the role of a champion.

Minute 1: Ask yourself to say only the things a champion would say, prior to performing (be it a sales call, board meeting, teaching a class, or playing the big game). Hey, superstar, you are cast in the role of “The Champ”, rehearse your lines.

Minute 2: Walk like The Champ would walk. Imitate The Champ’s body language. Are The Champ’s shoulders slumped? How does The Champ carry himself or herself? Now, act that way. (Hint: STRUT)

Minute 3: Breathe like The Champ would breathe just prior to going onto the mat, into the ring, or onto the field. The Champ has full control of his/her breathing, in through the nose – out through the mouth, steady and calm, with full command and confidence.

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation in writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

Andrew D. Wittman, PhD, is a United States Marine Corps infantry combat veteran, a former Police Officer and Federal Agent. As a Special Agent for the U.S. Capitol Police, Wittman led the security detail for Nancy Pelosi and has personally protected Hillary Clinton, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, King Abdullah of Jordan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Sir Elton John, as well as Fortune 20 CEOs. As a security contractor for the State Department, he taught high-threat diplomatic security to former Navy SEALS, Marines, Rangers, and Special Forces. Wittman is founder of the Mental Toughness Training Center, a leadership consultancy specializing in peak performance, team dynamics, resolving conflict in the workplace and is the author of the new book, “Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You” (2016). He holds a Ph.D. in Theological Studies, is a guest lecturer at Clemson University and co-hosts the radio call-in show “Get Warrior Tough”.