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10 proven Instagram marketing tactics B2B companies should use right now

People want to discover your content or profile. So creating a worthwhile profile is important. Ensure your username is unique and relevant to your business; pick your brand logo as your profile picture. Include any social media links and website links. Create engaging and attracting flawless content that promotes your product and brand.



This picture show an Instagram profile.

Instagram is one of the crowd-pleasing social media platforms. Currently, it’s the trending and most engaging media after Facebook. People love to spend their time on Instagram to connect with their friends and family members. Besides, anyone can step into the Instagram world to build their business. Instagram is a lucrative stage, not only to influencers, content marketers but also for B2B people to succeed through this stage. With this excellent platform, B2B brands can drive reach, generate leads, and construct strong communities.

Here you can find a list of ten proven Instagram marketing tactics B2B companies should use right now. 

Start with your business profile

If you are going to run a business on Instagram, then creating a business profile is unavoidable and the most significant stuff. Build your profile like an office setup, fill out all necessary, wanted info. It has the power to access certain benefits from Instagram.

Communication is easy in this process; the audience can directly contact you. Instagram analytics tools provide you different sides of results instantly like reach, impression. Business accounts have access to view insight into your whole performance metrics. Get to know about your audience’s preference and mindset. 

Fix goal, next plan your strategy

B2B people must have clear-cut goals and aim before you enter into Instagram. Instagram is optimized media; without any specific intention, your content will not work out. Do you need to decide what your goal is? Whether you are looking to create great followers? Or raise your brand exposure? Having a clear objective will help you to plan your strategies relying on that. 

For instance, if your goal is to build a massive fanbase, you should post more stories because Instagram stories boost followers count and help reach more people and make people notice your profile. 

If you want to enhance your product, showcase your product via behind-the-scenes by visualizing your company environment. Share thoughtful quotes and valuable info to project yourself as a professional leader.

Create engaging and attracting flawless content that promotes your product and brand. A good post will uplift your brand on Instagram stories. It assists you in gaining customer attention, followers’ sight on your brand.

Who is your audience?

You have to know your right audience, to focus them directly. Try to target people who show some interest in your field or area. If you want to drive traffic to your website, knowing the right crowd is important. Create a human voice for your brand and show your brand personality. 

The Instagram insight will give your audience demographics like gender, location, and age group; these details will help you reach your target audience and interest.

Construct eye-opening content with valuable stuff

Coming to content creation, try to generate connections and cohesive to your every content. When you want to attract your audience, try the nine post grid method. It is nothing but creating your nine posts as a grid and posting it at the same time. You can take help from software tools to design it perfectly. 

Should follow the 9×9 grid and mix the entire post, come up with a visually framed background. While choosing pictures, spend time in designing your framework like color, font style. Follow the same frame or shades of color throughout your post. This nine-way grid post will mainly pinpoint to the people who first time to your profile.

Don’t look for quantity; offering quality and worthwhile content will lead you to engage your account constantly. Avoid being too selfish by frequently posting direct promotional content. Create content that should entertain your audience; it must be beneficial or something informative to them. At the same, your post should indirectly connect or influence your brand or product. 

Experiment with all kinds of content so that your followers will get bored and keep on excited with your account. Instagram offers you a variety of features to make your post different and unique. Generally, video content has more involvement among people.

Engaging content ideas like posting the behind-the-scenes filming the background of every event or meeting take place in your company. For instance, if you are launching a new product or brand, you can invite your audience. Or take them to your company via vlogging. Post more live videos partnering with your customer or employees, influencer. Post Jokes, bloopers, or fun factors during any occasion. Nowadays, instruction or tutorial form of video is getting trends. Go for giveaways and contests to make sure brands are present everywhere. 

Build your own style of presenting your post, maybe following the same theme or same editing style.

Focus on exact and particular hashtags

Did you spend time on hashtags research? First, you have to know your whole Instagram audience; they may be from different regions with different cultures. With simple #markets will be associated with lots of markets on Instagram. Though it’s connected with thousands of posts. Specific or particular hashtags are best to target, focus people, and business. At the same time, it’s easy for them to get back to you. Better to create separate hashtags for your brand or product. Practice the same hashtags throughout your account. Make your hashtags popular and trends among your audience.

Create worthwhile and professional profile 

People want to discover your content or profile; creating a worthwhile profile is important. Ensure your username is unique and relevant to your business; pick your brand logo as your profile picture. Include any social media links and website links. Place primary keywords in your bio and secondary keywords in your post below for your brand. Include your branded hashtags, so it’s easy for the people to spot you. Because these target keywords and hashtags will help you to appear in the top search page when someone searches related to your company.

Instagram is performing like tiny google, nearly daily 200 million people clicking the “explore” tab.

Hold user-generated content

Hold your user-generated content, it will save your time, and at the same, it’s very effective. Publish more user-generated content to take your brand or business to the new people who aren’t aware of you. If a customer posts your product image with their review about your product. You can grab that share with your people. It will provide a good image to your brand or product and give more authenticity to your account.

Connect with followers, and follow other brands

Connecting and attached to followers is the priority when it comes to marketing strategy. Break the illusion that only ads or influencers make your sales rate high. No one will buy your product until you work in your field. That is, you must talk to them and make an effort to interact with them.

Be active and loyal; try to be engaged with your followers and budding customers through your content. Provide satisfying customer service to your people. If you want to create a strong community, reply to your followers’ comments and respond to their account.

Following other people and brands will take you to meet many new people and try to drive them to your account. You can follow influencers in your industry, people who show their interest in your field entirely. And people who follow influencers.

Embrace your Instagram story

The Instagram story has a different value; it has plenty of exciting features to make people attracted. You can use this stage for advertising or promoting your content by adding short clippings. If you want to share information or details, post them on the Instagram story platform. Here people will notice you quickly. Avoid posting too many stories.

Create post that point your metrics 

To express your product’s value and image, create data and numbers interconnected with the post. To show people the statistical result of your product or brand worth. 

We hope sure these promising tactics will help you to grow your B2B markets on Instagram.

(Featured image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

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