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Here are some of the best restaurants in the world, ranked from most expensive to least

The Spotted Pig, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Saison, SubliMotion and Tim Ho Wan are some of the best restaurants in the world.



Quality comes at a price. This is especially so when it comes to dining in the poshest and most prestigious restaurants in town. Some of these establishments are the stuff that many culinary and food buffs dream of. And they also command high prices, not just because of the excellent cuisine but because of the unique experiences offered along with the dining and wining.

One choice dish served at a five-star setting overlooking an urban skyline can very well cost a month’s salary. Still, reviewers who have tried these places say every cent is worth it. Besides, the cost of a particular feast hasn’t kept away those who do not belong to society’s so-called one percent. They work harder, save more, brush up on their gastronomic knowledge, and one day, find themselves and their date in an elite dining experience.

And just for some more good news: there are high-quality restaurants that do serve those mouth-watering dishes that have made entrance actually affordable. The following list is culled from the top lifestyle travel sites in the world. Listed below are five of the best restaurants in the world. They are arranged from the most astronomically priced to the ones that will not actually break your budget while still giving you a good time:


SubliMotion in Spain tops the list with an estimated price tag of $2,173 per diner, says Wise Bread. One reason for that exorbitance is that one meal serves 15-20 courses, prepared by the best chefs from around the world. Augmenting the feeling of being special is the sensurround treats that the restaurant surrounds the diners with. Pop music, stunning art visuals, and high-tech entertainment explode around you, giving you a creative high while you savor each food item that has been designed according to the latest principles of molecular gastronomy.


Biz Journals names Saison as the most expensive resto in the San Francisco Bay Area. A diner who wants to savor the best of New American meals would have to shell out at least $381 for two hours. But what draws customers to sample its caviar and classic Brassicas? It is the solid unremitting positive word of mouth which has boosted the resto’s fame since its founding in 2009.

Best restaurants

There are restaurants in the world that offer the best meals without breaking your bank. (Source)


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

According to Conde Naste, Maldives’ Ithaa Undersea Restaurant starts the price of the dishes in the seafood menu at $320 a meal. Aside from the excellent servings of sea snails and veal tenderloin, what can make your mouth water is the eye-popping 360-degree viewpoint of the ocean’s natural wonders surrounding you. That’s because this resto is built 16 feet below the Indian Ocean. You literally watch that aquatic domain unfold before you; the glass panes surrounding the resto showing clear and unobstructed sight. The Ithaa also redefines the meaning of elite: only 14 people are allowed in at any given time. Once those 14 seats are filled, the restaurant doesn’t accept any more bookings.

The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig in New York City has been awarded the Michelin star for its scrumptious yet filling servings on traditional favorites. Their menu includes burgers, french fries, mushrooms, and frittata. Uproxx says the meals have that sophistication that appeals to the cosmopolitan, yet still being familiar and tasty enough as comfort food. The Spotted Pig has been one of the city’s culinary luminaries and has attracted diners from across the country and the world. The price per meal? A very affordable $15-40 per person.

Tim Ho Wan

Finally, Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong has customers lining up for hours just to get in. And why shouldn’t they? The dim sum restaurant has gotten sterling reviews from food critics and customers alike. More important, it too has gotten the coveted Michelin star for its variations on dumplings and stuffed pork buns. According to Wise Bread, it has laid claim to being the best dim sum eatery in Asia. The price? $5.50 per meal. Customer service is also exemplary. They don’t keep the hungry customers waiting but keep the lines moving along. Waiters and other attendants take the orders while arranging for their tables.


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