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4 New Year’s resolutions to help boost your career in 2017

2017 may just be the year for that career step-up. Here are four New year’s resolutions that can actually help you make that climb in your work.



A new year means a new life, and not just because we’re one year older. It can signal promising opportunities, the fulfillment of dreams, and a happy lifestyle that is equaled by our financial well-being. That’s why we always make those New Year’s resolutions even though we have failed countless times to live up to them, year in and year out.

A career-boosting list of resolutions would be the best place to start. Improve your professional standing and your credentials, and this will likewise increase your chances of promotion. Establish yourself on solid ground, and the compensation packages and other perks will give you more building blocks to further pursue your cherished goals like a healthy bank account, a nice home with a vehicle to boot, and the right gym membership (or home equipment) that can keep you energetic and fit.

Check out these wise New Year’s resolutions and put them on your to-do list if you want to climb higher in your career in 2017:

Start your mornings right

Forbes says that preparing yourself physically and mentally the very first hour that you rise from the bed is half the battle won. Sharpen your inner focus and shut out all the extraneous noise by meditation, prayer, or scriptural study. Complement this with at least 30 minutes of exercise. A healthy breakfast with nuts, fruits, oatmeal, and yogurt can power you for the rest of the day.

Level up by developing your skills

 If you want to get promoted, find out the competencies and abilities of the job you want to rise up to. Enroll in an online course that will augment your talents and network with mentors who can guide you no your career path.

Learn to network

Burns McDonnell says identify the key people who you can form strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with. Take time to get to know them and create lasting relationships with them. Attend and invest in networking events. It’s also one way to promote your professional brand to industries that can use your services.

new year's resolutions

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that can help boost your career. (Source)

Boost your online presence and keep yourself connected constantly

Social media interactions are just the surface of the kind of career-boosting interaction you need to do. Establish your brand through a blog or a website and nurture it into launching you as an influencer. Provide knowledge and information that are supported by your experience and skills. Craft opinion pieces and articles that will offer something of value to your growing audience. The most powerful and well-connected recruiters and hiring managers just might like what you read and connect with you.

Your connection must be full and uninterrupted. Like any good soldier mounting a campaign, you need your equipment with you at all times. Network extenders, such as the ones from  5BARz International (OTC: BARZ) and power pack boosters will ensure that you will always be available. You will be available to the user who reads your blog, the human resource specialist who want to consider you for a job, and the influencer who sees and wants to develop your potential.

2017 can be the year that will change your life by amping up your professional gameplay. Prioritize your health. Continue on the path to self-improvement and always keep yourself plugged.

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