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Reasons why luxury underwear is worth it

Because it’s not seen by the public, luxury underwear doesn’t get much attention from consumers. Here are the reasons why you should start to get one.



luxury underwear

Luxury underwear is something that’s quite new in the fashion industry, mainly because people are used to buying the cheap, “three-for-something” packs. Some believe that since underwear is not seen by the public, there’s no point in investing on expensive ones. What shoppers don’t realize is that luxury underwear goes a long way as it gives multiple levels of satisfaction.  Brands and companies are trying to renew the public awareness when it comes to underwear: that people should realize it needs to have the highest quality possible.

Here are some reasons why buying luxury underwear is more important than you think:


There is a reason why luxury underwear brands price their items higher than regular underwear brands, and that is because of the quality and materials they use. It makes perfect sense to wear something built with high-quality material to avoid skin irritations or a loose fit. Men’s underwear company Naked Brand Group Inc. makes its line with luxurious micromodal fabric to give the wearer the satisfying effect of comfort underneath those layers of clothing.

 Naked Brand

Naked Brand.


It’s easy to spot cheap underwear underneath fitted clothing. For those especially conscious with appearances, bulky underwear seams are almost a nightmare. This is where one of the perks of wearing luxury underwear comes in: the feeling of almost “wearing nothing” under tight clothing. Frigo manufactures an exclusive line of boxer briefs lined with silicone to prevent ride-ups, making it one of the most popular luxury underwear items. Other kinds of luxury underwear usually have invisible seams or waistbands to keep it on the down low, as it should be. No matter how expensive those designer pants are, it will still look tacky and cheap if your underwear is tracing above the fabric.

Men’s boxer briefs. (Source)

Established and start-up brands are getting into it to raise awareness

Because of an upward demand for luxury underwear, more and more companies are swiveling their attention towards manufacturing luxury underwear. Levi’s has already announced that it will include an underwear line once it rebrands, and companies that used to manufacture socks and other undergarments are expanding their lines with underwear. A start-up company brought together by college students in Chapel Hill started a line called “Buds Boxers” in hopes to change the overall outlook towards undergarments. “Boxers are something that people think they don’t really need to worry about. We are trying to remake that. That’s the whole point really – redefining that market,” said Jake Higedon, one of the founders of the brand.

Anti-odor properties

What’s worse than shrinking underwear? An underwear that stinks. Luxury underwear truly lives up to its reputation with Mack-Weldon, a young underwear company that manufactures men’s underwear with silver, cotton, and Lycra. When stitched together, these materials do not hold that much odor and minimizes shrinkage, much to the amazement of more than 50,000 repeat customers. This is why the company received millions in funding and an expanded distribution deal from Frigo. “Let’s face it, everyone benefits when guys refresh their underwear,” said Brian Berger, Mack-Weldon’s co-founder.

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