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Safe shopping during COVID-19, Palate Club delivers wine so you don’t have to go out

It can be tricky to purchase anything these days, whether they’re essential supplies or not. A lot of shops are closed, and whatever’s open you have to take extra precautions in order to keep yourself safe. If you’re buying food and drinks, it’s best to opt for online groceries. If you’re pining for wine, especially in California, Palate Club will deliver it straight to your door.



This picture show a group of people drinking wine.

Many countries have imposed their own rules and guidelines as they lock down their cities in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Locations where crowds can gather, such as malls and restaurants, are temporarily closed. Public transportation systems have also been shut down in some areas. Only essential needs like pharmacies and supermarkets can continue to operate, and even then, people are encouraged to practice social distancing.

As we navigate our new reality, which includes a work-from-home arrangement for many, businesses are also adapting to the changing environment. One of the ways companies stay alive is by accepting online orders and setting up virtual stores in lieu of physical ones. This way, customers do not have to come in and stay about six feet away from the staff or other buyers, since all transactions are done on the internet. Bulk orders are also possible, and owners can deal with the requests without the stress of having to handle large groups one after the other. Shopping hours can be fluid, too, with clear expectations on delivery dates and hours.

In short, moving to an online model reduces the risk for all of us—there are fewer people on the streets, and the number of times you have to go out of your house is reduced. Moreover, as a customer, buying online will help entrepreneurs and small enterprises. Other workers can continue their jobs as well, while we are battling one of the most difficult times in our history yet. 

Ahead of the curve

Would meals ever be complete without wine, especially in an amazing wine country destination such as California? Whether or not you live in the northern Bay Area, known for its Michelin-star cuisines, boutique wine tours and breathtaking vineyards that go on for miles and miles, surely you wouldn’t pass up a great vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon. And what better service to deliver it to your house than San Francisco-based Palate Club? 

If you are looking to pair a Riesling with fruit salad, or a Beaujolais with grilled chicken, Palate Club is only a tap away from your phone. It’s a wine club that has a premium subscription of artisan wines sourced from all over the world. It is also committed to sending you a personalized shipment based on your taste profile, with the help of its groundbreaking app that uses an algorithm of over 200 wine traits and your ratings. 

An innovative and collaborative effort between wine experts and tech geniuses who all share a passion for vino, Palate Club is the brainchild of Nicolas Mendiharat, serial entrepreneur and true-blue oenophile. He believes that picking and buying wine should be influenced more by your taste buds rather than any critic review. 

In a world where online marketing for wines are heavily impacted by publicity stunts and restaurant markups, Mendiharat wants to stand out by giving customers the best of both worlds: quality labels that are an explosion of flavors in your mouth, and convenience and safety of shopping without the headache of having to browse over a thousand brands just to find one you think you’ll like.

Your taste matters

With a mission to give the most accurate match to your wine preferences, the app uses data science to also track your evaluations. With each shipment, Palate Club becomes smarter and learns to select bottles for you based on your sense of taste. 

Yes, you’re the star here, and rightly so. The core wine matching IP was developed with the help of top mathematicians and sommeliers, and with the empirical makeup of your palate in mind. 

With Palate Club, you never have to worry about shipment frequency, because flexible options are available and can be adjusted anytime. You can choose to only receive red wines, or white wines, or both. You can also set your preferred price range, with price tiers inclusive of shipping and service fees for complete transparency. Want to continue discovering new wines or receive only your favorites each time? No problem, you can specify that, too.

When you download the app, you immediately become part of a community. Who says you can’t be social while staying inside? Share your wine shipment with a friend if you like, complete with separate profiles. Learn about their palate and get ideas for your next wine gift. Want to have a blind wine tasting party? No problem.

For most folks, drinking wine is the ultimate experience. And for wine clubs like Palate Club, the best time to drink wine is any time at all.

(Featured image by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash)

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