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Shopify web developers: A hiring guide

If you’re looking for some web developers for your website, make sure to check their works and customers’ review on them.



Imagine that you have a great product that you’re willing to launch to the masses. This product can be a rare piece of clothing, software, or anything that brings value to your targeted audience. But you’ll need to hire a Shopify web developer in order to make your site appealing and viewable to them.

Here are some of the things you should look for when reaching out to a Shopify specialist:

Check their portfolio

Shopify demands that every web developers transfer two or more cases of their previous post before their service is live. This helps them create a good first connection while showcasing how they can use their skills to help improve your business. Investigate: Do they have the skills and talent that you’re looking for?

Also, you can also view if their websites are responsive. To do this, move your mouse to the program window’s edge. If the site scales to size, then it’s responsive and will look good on smaller gadgets such as tablets and cell phones. Thus, their ability to make a responsive site is a great chance that your developer is experienced at improving the look of your site.

Check their reviews

All Shopify web developers have surveys placed after they complete their service. Each survey has a 1-5 star rating, and their professional profile shows their general rating. This helps you find out their overall reputation and if their services are verified by other users.

We suggest that you filter the Shopify web developers by only selecting those that have great surveys. Remember, quality is better than quantity. There are a few specialists that will have multiple surveys but only completed a small amount of work. If you’re looking for a Store Configuration and Setup, it gives you developers that can deal with a complex venture. For this, we suggest that you look for the general rating for work of this nature.

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It would be wise to look at the reviews of every web developer before availing their services. (Source)

Create a rundown of your application

Since you know the complexity of your venture, and which Shopify web developers can complete it, make a short rundown. Don’t take a lot of time looking at a lot of developers, start by picking 3-5 whose skills meet your needs.

You can contact them by pressing “Contact Shopify Master” on the upper right section of their profile. This is their chance to prove that they are a reliable developer: they might be good at creating websites, but do they have the customer service skills to coordinate? You can gauge this by seeing how fast it takes for them to answer your inquiry and the quality of their reaction.

Contact them face to face

Did they provide a few good answers? Great. Now you can continue speaking to them to help assist you in making your site. It’s smart to have a meeting either in their office, to see how they work and their working conditions.

If you’re unable to do this, then at least speak to them on Skype. On top of their capacity and specialized information, you need to find out if they are charming and personable enough to work with you.

Final steps

To conclude, you need to make sure that your developer is equipped with the technical skills to create your site. But they also need the soft skills so that they can work with your requests and answer quickly. Once you find the right developer, you’ll notice a great increase in customer satisfaction and sales due to the beautiful website they’ve created!

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