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SuperZoo offers a glance to pet products you can’t resist buying

When it comes to showing love for pets, some owners prefer going big. From Swarovski-studded leashes to strollers, here are some products for your pet.



SuperZoo, the most attended pet products trade show in North America, showcased in June the newest trends and must-haves in the pet industry at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Ranging from jewel-embedded neck straps to cannabis-derived health products, the premier annual exhibit gave professionals in the pet industry a sneak peek of products and names that are expected to storm the market in the next few months.

Touted as the “pet professional’s perfect partner,” SuperZoo continues to grow in the volume of retail leaders and education hours since its conception in 1950. The event is also tagged as the most productive and vibrant trade show for the pet industry of the year.

At its core, SuperZoo aims at giving its participants windows of opportunity to make their products well-known. By being a part of the event, companies can directly engage with their potential clients to help further expand their stand on the industry. The event showcases up to 820 new products annually, so it’s hard to stand out. However, here are a few that emerged as the best products to spoil your beloved pets with:

1. Petique’s stroller

Hearing of a stroller meant for pets, the first question that might come to your mind is: Is this not too much of a spoiler accessory as it discourages pets to take a walk like they should?

Petique’s Lyly Lao disagrees, saying this is not exactly designed for all pets. Rather, it was specifically made for those with special needs such as aging dogs and smaller ones who are diagnosed with arthritis or other issues in moving their hips too much. They are also fitting during seasons of extreme heat or cold to protect your pet’s paws.

With Petique’s wide range of strollers and joggers, which are equipped with all-terrain wheels and carriers that can be used as backpacks, luggage or car seats, these particular dogs “don’t need to be cooped up in the house,” Lao said.

Petique’s carriers range from $15.99 to $199.99 per unit.

2. Jeweleash’ Swarovski studded leash

We know it might be too much, but what diamonds are to women may be said the same with what jewels are to pets.

This is the belief of Jeweleash whose motto reads, “Your pet can never have enough bling.” That said, Swarovski crystals and Japanese costume pearls were the perfect choices to give its line of leash products a full-bling.

Get your pet some upgrades by trying out Jeweleash' fancy pet products that include Swarovski-studded leashes. (Source)
Get your pet some upgrades by trying out Jeweleash’ fancy pet products that include Swarovski-studded leashes. (Source)

Aside from leashes, Jeweleash also offers harnesses that are equally shiny with other sorts of colorful bling with the addition of microsuede materials that give these offerings an itch-free Velcro touch.

Indeed, enhancing your pet’s lifestyle has never been as luxurious.

3. PotNetwork’s MediPets product line

Health and beauty products can never be out of the industry’s trend radar. This time, SuperZoo introduced something new and healthier to pet product professionals out there, something derived from the miracle crop cannabis.

Such products are offered by PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), which makes the best in terms of quality. PotNetwork exhibited its MediPets line during the event that hauled thousands of pet product retailers worldwide. The pet product line is offered by the firm’s subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., which serves as a one-stop shop for anything that involves enhancing your pet’s healthcare and treats.

Among the items included in the MediPets line are the CBD oil and tincture products, which come in various sizes, depending on the appropriate level of use for your pets. These can relieve your pet’s stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and help them feel more relaxed.

Diamond CBD also offers pet treats with a broad selection of flavors such as chicken meatballs, wavy bacon and cheese bites, meaty steak, gourmet beef and rice, among others.

With the infusion of MediPets in its offerings, PotNetwork has been making waves in the broader industry as a CBD product leader. To signal this shift toward having a corporate identity as a dominant player, the firm said it is filing at the SEC to have its corporate name changed to “Biotech Hemp, Inc.”

“This name change reflects the Company’s focus on Diamond CBD’s sales momentum and expanding product lines. Following acceptance by the state of Colorado, the Company plans to file for a name listing and trading symbol change with FINRA,” PotNetwork said.

SuperZoo once again showcased the best of what’s to come in the pet industry, which many are excited to see on retailers already. With SuperZoo drawing in thousands of pet industry professionals from all over the world every year, the event also made an impact on educating visitors and promoting the innovative pet products that they have to watch out for in the market.

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