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Tinctures reign supreme in CBD industry for simple and versatile uses

CBD tinctures have become the product of choice for many users as they are easily customizable according to their individual needs.



Cannabidiol or CBD continues to skyrocket in popularity, as the non-psychoactive cannabinoid has been shown to be effective in helping people cope with mental stress and physical ailments. Despite its relatively murky legal status, many users have endorsed its use as an effective alternative to other forms of medication.

Best of all, CBD is completely safe and non-toxic while also serving as a more effective alternative to other forms of medicine that can trigger serious side effects or even form an addiction such as with opioids. It has gained recognition for its ability to treat common symptoms ranging from insomnia and pain to debilitating diseases such as epilepsy and potentially even cancer.

By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help strengthen the body’s capabilities to fight off diseases and maintain homeostasis.

With the market providing a diversity of products to ensure that all differing needs are addressed, people turn to vapes and edibles, among others, to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD without having to deal with the euphoria that is associated with THC.

While each individual will have unique preferences in CBD consumption, tinctures, or CBD oils, have become the most popular form of consumption due to a quick absorption and release of its healing properties throughout the body via endocannabinoid receptors.


According to the Brightfield Group, tinctures represented the largest proportion of the CBD pie, accounting for 39 percent of hemp-derived CBD goods. It has become a popular method of getting a dose of CBD to jump start the day or wind down and relax.

Tinctures are a combination of hemp oil and an oil like glycerin and ethanol and are created by dousing CBD in alcohol and stored for several years before being sold. The mixture of alcohol helps strengthen the effects of cannabidiol while also helping to disperse the chemicals effectively throughout the body.

Tinctures involve the method of absorbing CBD through the tongue by way of the sublingual gland, which helps funnel it directly in the bloodstream. It is more effective than other forms of consumption such as oral in the form of capsules or edibles, having a bioavailability of around 12-35 percent.

Bioavailability refers to the percentage of a substance that remains intact as it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Naturally, a portion of substances like CBD tinctures will lose some of their efficacy during the process of being digested or absorbed. Higher bioavailability result in a stronger effect as a larger proportion of the original content is fueled into the bloodstream.

This makes tinctures quick acting, which makes it an ideal way to provide relief from common conditions such as anxiety, pain, and emotional problems like depression which require constant and quick acting treatments.

Versatile use

One of the biggest benefits of a CBD tincture is the ease of application and dosing. The dropper allows for customizable dosages to ensure that the optimum amount needed is being absorbed, and a drop or two under the tongue, for example, can trigger the relaxing sensations of CBD within two hours.

As they typically offer the lowest per serving of CBD, this gives a consumer flexibility and the ability to effectively and easily fine-tune dosage needs. Tinctures are also one of the most accessible forms of CBD consumption, and can easily be administered several times a day according to needs.

The high concentration featured in tinctures also requires only two or three drops in general, making it a better alternative to edibles. It also has a long shelf life due to the presence of alcohol, which acts as a preservative to keep its contents fresh and ready for immediate use.

Flavor is another area in which tinctures can shine, as other forms of consumption can be characterized by unappealing scents or smells. Various natural flavors are incorporated into tinctures, allowing for a more agreeable experience for those with sensitive palettes.

These benefits make tinctures a solid experience for beginners in particular, who have full control over dosing and can use it whenever they want without difficulty.

CBD tinctures
CBD droppers allow for simple and efficient use. (Photo by mechnine via Flickr. CC BY 2.0)

How to use it

CBD tinctures are either administered under the tongue or added to beverages by others.

Dosing under the tongue, or sublingually, enables quicker access and absorption as the CBD is sent directly into the bloodstream without the need for digestion. This method is often used in the treatment of epilepsy and involves holding the oil under the tongue for a period of time before swallowing and sending the remains to be processed by the liver.

Some CBD consumers prefer to add a dose to their favorite drink, such as by enhancing morning coffee or tea with a drop to promote the healing effects at their convenience. For simplicity, others choose to drop a dose or two and swallow, although this is the slowest method of absorbing CBD through tinctures.

The ease of use and flexible doses of CBD tinctures have made it particularly popular for those who may have digestive problems as well as others who aren’t interested in smoking CBD via vapes or other methods. Its simple integration also allows for it to be incorporated in any food or beverage for those who wish to enjoy the experience while dining.

CBD Tinctures can be found from various distributors, and PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) is a popular brand in the sector that offers a wide assortment of tinctures for CBD enthusiasts and first-timers. Products like their Cotton Candy Flavor Blue CBD Crystal isolate contain highly concentrated hemp-derived CBD oil with a pleasant taste that can be taken under the tongue or added to your favorite drink.

Chong’s Choice CBD Oil uses premium hemp that is personally endorsed by cannabis personality Tommy Chong, while the Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD drops provides relief from intense physical activity, making it an ideal supplement for athletes to fuel recovery.

CBD tinctures have become the most popular form of consumption due to its versatile benefits such as quick absorption, adjustable dosages, as well as ease of use, particularly for beginners. It has facilitated the use of CBD for users at their discretion and convenience, allowing for a wide variety of uses so that anyone interested can benefit from a dose of CBD into their daily lives.

(Featured image by Vaping360 via Flickr. CC BY 2.0)

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