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UEFA: Initiatives that are beneficial for the European football

UEFA aims to build opportunities for everyone in the world of football.



Leadership, discipline and a commitment to high-level performance are the hallmarks of top football players. UEFA constantly aims to create opportunities for everyone involved in the world of football, including players, coaches or referees.

Through the Executive Master for International Players, UEFA helps high-profile international footballers transform their playing strengths into effective management skills—skills that will ultimately benefit football. Even for former professional football players, simulating the last moments leading up to a Champions League match is not an easy task.

“We have to remain calm under pressure, but we’re definitely under pressure”, stated the former Premier League star, Jason Roberts.

UEFA cares deeply about the long-term well-being of European football. Its mission to nurture the game on this continent includes developing and educating people who work in the football family at all levels. This football organization is creating opportunities for those who work in football organizations, or have served the game as players, coaches, referees, etc., who are seeking to enhance their personal and professional development.

Working in close cooperation with the academic community, UEFA  drives series of initiatives and programmes that are providing tangible benefits, not just them, but European football as a whole. UEFA believes that only by investing in people who work in football, will the game sustain its growth and development—and its education initiatives are already bearing impressive fruit.

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