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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [LVBET Partners]

If you wanna make some serious affiliate commissions, here’s what you need to do. Step 1: Read our quick LVBET Affiliate Partners Review. Step 2: Read our affiliate news takeaways to discover how you can get your links in front of people and drive some major conversions. Step 3: Make some serious bank. Sound good? Then read on for all the juicy details.


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When you hear the acronym “LV”, what do you think?

For many of you, it’s probably something like this.

But for me, when I hear “LV”, I think “super profitable affiliate program”.

Here’s why. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — LVBET Partners

Wanna know why LV makes me think “super profitable affiliate program”?

That would be this week’s affiliate program of the week: LVBET Partners.

Trust me, you’re gonna wanna know more.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

LVBET Partners — No Cheap Knock-Offs, Just a Great Casino

Like all casino and iGaming affiliate programs we cover here, LVBET Partners has a killer product up front on the client-facing side.

This starts with a generally slick website and smooth sign-up. And continues through to where the money begins: the games.

To make sure the traffic you refer through LVBET Partners sticks around, LVBET has chocked its online casino full of all the best games from providers you probably already know and love: Thunderkick, NetEnt, Microgaming… and, they’re constantly adding more to keep things fresh.

On top of this, there’s also a pretty slick sports betting offer on the table through LVBET Partners, so finding something to get your traffic interested is no excuse here.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

LVBET Partners Commissions — Again, Nothing Cheap Around Here

As with most operators in this space, you’ll be earning through a rev share deal by default with LVBET Partners.

And it’s a pretty good one at that, too, starting off with 50% for your first 2 months.

After that, how much you earn with LVBET Partners is entirely up to you. Basically, the more you (successfully) promote LVBET Partners casino, the more you earn.

Here’s how that looks in a nice neat table format:

Revenue RangePercentage
€0 – €99920%
€1000 – €499925%
€5000 – €14,99930%
€15,000 – €34,99935%
€35,000 +40%

Of course, one thing to watch out for is that those commissions are net revenue. That means, if your LVBET Partners referrals start winning big, then your commissions are gonna shrink.

But that’s alright — LVBET Partners are pretty much just doing the done thing in iGaming.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

Get Started With LVBET Partners Here

That does it for now. Here are your options for what you do next:

LVBET Partners affiliate program

Affiliate News Takeaways

When Everyone Copies Everyone… Sometimes Something New Comes Along

Another week, another series of social media companies racing to un-differentiate their product from the others.

First up, we have TikTok, who’s now rolling out their Instagram competitor called Notes.

The big innovation here? That would be the visionary inclusion of a title above the caption.

Cool, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Yes, there was more than a hint of sarcasm there. But that’s only because “Instagram but on TikTok” just doesn’t inspire me like it maybe should.

Of course, that’s not to say it shouldn’t inspire you. After all, every new product/feature like this always brings with it a thousand chances to recycle what you’re doing elsewhere to find new audiences and monetize them. So if you’ve got some ploy that’s working on Instagram right now, then hey, more power to you — go hit up TikTok.

But here’s where we find something a little more exciting. Since none of the other platforms want to be outdone, TikTok’s not the only one launching new-but-recycled ideas.

And that brings me to the new feature I’m a little more bullish on — Twitch is now officially launching its TikTok-style discovery feed.

So, why am I bullish on this?


Most “new” social media products these days seem to just transport the same old feeds of the same old content over to a different platform.

But Twitch’s discovery feed basically creates a whole new type of content. And when something like that happens, if you can crack the engagement code, you have a chance to have a nice clean run of low competition.

At least a little while.

Until everyone starts copying you.

Now, of course, Twitch isn’t changing its basic content form of live streams + clips. That remains the same.

But, until now, discovery on Twitch used to be a bit more about personalities and niches.

Now it literally looks like TikTok.

That means, I suspect, Twitch streamers will now find themselves with whole new audiences who came for the dopamine hits, regardless of the niche.

And ultimately, in the long run, that might start to alter the content. After all, if you know people are flicking through a TikTok-style feed of live streams, there’s a pretty good chance you might start pacing your livestreams more like a Mr Beast video.

Now, as for what’s going to deliver them dopamine hits, that’s for you to find out. Ultimately, it’s gonna take a balancing act of keeping the highs consistent enough to maximize your chance of discovery, but not overdoing it. After all, if any of this is gonna be worth your time, you’ll need people to stick around long enough to click on a link.

But again, not that I wanna repeat his name again… but watching a Mr Beast video might give you some hints about a good pacing strategy to test.

And as for how you scale this massively… we are living in an AI revolution, aren’t we? And Twitch streams are probably more perfect for this. With the talking head stuffed away in a corner somewhere away from the main action, no one will notice the weird floating head and disjointed facial expressions.

Now, as for what you should promote, here I have one good idea.


Specifically, slots.

You know. Exactly like what LVBET Partners have.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

As for why, I have three good reasons.

First — see the next news item (but finish this one first).

Second, it’s pretty easy to spin up content for this.

And third, it’s already a popular category on Twitch right now, even if the OG Trainwreckstv has moved on.

Now, of course, there are restrictions on what you can stream. And that includes what casinos you can use.

But no one said you can’t stream one thing and promote another… so don’t let that limit how you monetize your content.

There are also restrictions on affiliate links. But again, there’s nothing stopping you from directing people to non-affiliate websites that just so happen to be chock full of affiliate links.

And, if you get really creative, you could probably find a thousand other ways to get around this.

Ever heard of QR codes, for example?

(PS: Scan the QR code above for a nice surprise!)


A lot of “new” stuff in social media these days seems to just be a straight copy-paste from one platform to another. And the result is usually just one more receptacle where you can feed the same old content into the same old algorithms.

But Twitch’s discovery feed could be different, even if it is a TikTok clone.

And, if my guesstimating here is halfway accurate, you’ve now got a chance to get some low competition engagement if you figure out the algo.

And remember, just in case you do accidentally blow up, make sure you monetize. LVBET Partners is pretty ace.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

iGaming’s Going Through the Roof

If you’ve been following all the recent reports on iGaming/sports bet handle, then you know what’s coming next.

But, in case you’re not up to date, here’s a sample.

iGaming, sports betting operators report $257.08M in March revenue

Ontario handle hits C$63bn for FY 2023 as market enters its third year

Delaware sports betting handle rockets 440% in March

Sports betting dips in Pennsylvania amid strong iGaming month

Basically, times are good for sports betting and iGaming operators.

Now, how good, depends on the exact market. But if there’s one thing that’s consistent across all the reports, it’s that iGaming is booming.

Even more so than it did in the pandemic.

Take that last report, for example.

The one about sports betting taking a dip in Pennsylvania over March.

Wanna know what happened with iGaming in the same month?

Well, in 2023, iGaming operators took $148.2 million in Pennsylvania. In 2024, that shot up to $191.1 million. That’s a massive 29% boost.

And this is a story we’re seeing repeated over and over again.

Long story short — now you know why I was so bullish about running casino streams over on Twitch.


Now, before you get too excited, remember this — none of these reports give a complete picture of the actual state of the iGaming market. After all, unregulated/offshore gaming is literally worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

But here’s one thing you can be sure of — there are plenty more millions where Pennsylvania’s 191.1 of them came from.

Now it’s your job to go out and see what you can do to capture some of those billions that are sloshing around. And, if you need help doing so, LVBET Partners can probably help. All you gotta do is sign up.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

Circling Back On Some Old Stories

Quite often, we drop you some news stories, tell you how to monetize them, and then leave you to your own devices.

But this week, I stumbled on two stories that tie back to some recent editions. So I thought, hey, why not drop some updates?

I mean, it’s a great chance for you to discover even more ways to make some serious affiliate bucks. And it’s a great way for us to build more internal links… so win-win all around right?

That’s what I thought.

So let’s start with this story here.

That’s a report on Apple pulling a bunch of apps from its App Store in China. The affected apps include a bunch of Meta apps (e.g., WhatsApp, Threads), along with a random assortment of other apps like Signal.

Any guesses why these apps got pulled?

Well, according to Apple, that’s because “The Cyberspace Administration of China ordered the removal of these apps from the China storefront based on their national security concerns,”

That’s right. “National security concerns.”

Sounds familiar, right?


It sounds exactly like a little line that was trotted out in another story we reported on in our NordVPN Affiliate Program edition. Only, at that time, it was the US saying “national security concerns”, and it was China whose apps were coming under fire.

And as for what happened to that whole TikTok ban thing, that’s still a thing, even if we haven’t heard anything for a while. Apparently, Congress is fast-tracking the beast by jamming it in with an aid package for Ukraine and Israel. (Don’t ask… I don’t understand politics.)

And while we’re speaking of app stores, remember our 22Bet Affiliates edition?

That was just a couple of weeks ago. And there, we dropped news about new app stores in the EU (and how to use them to make bank… so go read it).

Anyway, what was once a “soon to happen” is now an “it has happened”. This week, the first third-party store officially launched as AltStore PAL went live.

As for whether you can sneak your own app into this store… well, according to the launch announcement, “All apps are welcome, but I believe AltStore makes the most sense for smaller, indie apps that otherwise couldn’t exist due to App Store rules.”

Now that’s got my attention.


Look, we’ve already covered the takeaways from each of these stories. So if you want them, go read them here:

And don’t forget, just because we drop one monetization idea in the takeaway, doesn’t mean it’s your only option. So maybe give LVBET Partners a shot before you go read the takeaways.

LVBET Partners affiliate program

Closing Thought

So, speaking of revisiting stuff from old editions, take a look at the following editions and see if you can spot the pattern.

Now, admittedly, there’s more than one thing in common. But besides great affiliate marketing programs and even greater monetization ideas, there’s a little something you might also have seen.

That would be the name James Clear.

Yep, we like stealing his ideas and posting them as our own. So in the spirit of keeping up the tradition, here’s another that he just dropped this week.

“A simple recipe for finding opportunities: 1) Be pleasant; 2) Ask questions, and; 3) Engage daily…

It’s hard for a warm and pleasant person who is asking a lot of questions and engaging in their industry daily to not come across interesting opportunities.”

Now, here’s how you can apply this advice right now.

Go join a great affiliate program.

Then be pleasant to your affiliate manager and ask questions (if you’re stuck, ask them what campaigns are working for other affiliates…).

And if you’re stuck for affiliate program ideas, then go give LVBET Partners a shot.

LVBET Partners affiliate program


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