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This tech company is set to end global connectivity problems

5BARz is launching initiatives to upgrade the quality of the internet in many parts of the world. It especially helps those that are struggling with challenges like infrastructure and expense.



The status quo can certainly be improved, especially when it comes to internet and connectivity. The call to upgrade with a 5G network is the message that has captivated the minds and hearts of thousands of users today. 

Telecommunications providers are pushing the envelope to bring faster-than-usual speed to remote towns and underserved areas experiencing global connectivity problems. 5BARz International (OTC: BARZ), the leading technology firm that has introduced the cell signal-enhancing network extender to the world, is exploring opportunities with partners. 5BARz is launching initiatives to upgrade the quality of the internet in many parts of the world. It especially helps those that are struggling with challenges like infrastructure and expense.

The 5BARz network extender is a portable plug-and-play device that is the size of a hand. It has provided mobile data access in locations that have difficulty in receiving cell signals. It powers up the cell signals of devices within 4,000 square feet to the maximum level of five bars. Employees traveling to a business meeting or tourists taking a vacation in an isolated mountain resort can boost the struggling signals of their devices. Simply, they just switched on the network extender.

The network extender in India

One community of users that also finds the network extender welcome includes those who work or live in buildings with densely packed walls. Extremely thick walls can block the entry of cell signals. These structures have been constructed and designed commonly in congested urban areas. The proximity of these condominiums, skyscrapers, and towering living spaces to each also doesn’t help. It reinforces their imperviousness to the transmission and reception of signals. 5BARz, based in California, has made connecting easier for those who frequent these concrete structures specifically in India.

global connectivity problems

5BARz solves global connectivity problems through its revolutionary products. (Source)

In an interview with Economic Times, 5BARz International Chairman Gil Amelio said that regions like India and Africa will find the network extender a useful instrument in accelerating their participation in the internet race. It helps them hurdle perpetual and seemingly irresolvable global connectivity problems like poor network infrastructure.

Two of the biggest telecommunications providers have established partnerships with subsidiary 5BARz India Private Ltd.: Vodafone and Bharti Airtel. These telcos provide the network extenders to their subscribers for free to ensure that cell signals are always strong.

In addition to that, it will make mobile internet use constantly enhanced, available, and undisrupted. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone deploy the device in the homes and offices of the companies’ subscribers. Cell signals apartments and small offices will no longer be hampered by the concrete walls of their buildings. Web browsing and video streaming will be faster, while data calls will be clearer, louder and stronger.

Just the start for 5BARz

An International Business Times report published early this year says that India is just the beginning. 5BARz intends to expand its range to reach out to the greater Southeast Asian market. Many of Australia’s beleaguered mobile users, who have been complaining about dropping cell phone signals, can also find the network extender a welcome solution to their needs.

Neither is 5BARz resting on its laurels. In September of this year, 5BARz India entered the competitive Wi-Fi sphere by launching its own 5BARz ROVR Wi-Fi router. The ROVR comes with the Smart Experience software. This unique Wi-Fi broadband router and smart home hub can be customized according to the user’s preferences when it comes to data usage and bandwidth. Users can also remotely monitor and manage their home’s Wi-Fi use even though they are working in the office, shopping, or in commute.

The ROVR and Smart Experience also comes with a power back-up, apparently to ensure constant connectivity despite a power failure. Matching that with the own unique support provided by the network extender, users and communities using these products need no longer fear global connectivity problems. No more irritating drop of a cell phone signal. Video streaming will also not slow down anymore. In life’s key moments, cut off in the middle of a cell phone conversation.

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