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Tobacco smokers breaking the habit with vaping create new business opportunities

Quitting smoking is very hard to do, but keeping the nicotine while losing the carcinogens can be done with vaping, and it’s creating new business opportunities.



The health benefits of vaping are increasingly moving beyond anecdotes as there are now more research and investigation that support e-cigarettes as a way to leave smoking tobacco behind. A key to the shift is the use of nicotine in e-liquids, which are consumed using vaporizers that create vapor instead of smoke.

Though nicotine is an addictive substance, it is not carcinogenic meaning that one can use e-cigarettes to give up smoking tobacco and end one’s exposure to carcinogens. This powerful way to break a dangerous habit is leading to a variety of new business opportunities.

Despite health hazards, tobacco smoking is hard to quit

Tobacco smokers have long been faced with evidence that smoking tobacco is bad for their health. In particular, the risks of cancer are no longer something one can argue away. It is a well-known fact that smoking tobacco increases the likelihood of contracting various forms of cancer, so one would think that quitting smoking would be an easy thing to do.

But any smoker can say that quitting smoking is far from easy for a variety of reasons. The addiction to smoking is driven by numerous elements from forming a pleasurable habit, to sharing that habit with other people, and to deep cravings when one is forced to delay smoking for even a brief time. Yet, of all the reasons smoking is hard to quit, nicotine may be the biggest factor of all.

Nicotine is such a powerful factor in the addiction to smoking tobacco that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last year announced a plan to reduce tobacco use focused on reducing nicotine in cigarettes and increasing the use of e-cigarettes:

“The FDA will focus on the role of nicotine in creating and sustaining cigarette addiction, and will seek to ‘regulate the nicotine content in cigarettes to render them minimally or non-addictive’…the FDA will also work to encourage the development of ‘potentially less harmful products, including electronic nicotine delivery systems.'”

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb has gone even further in his support of e-cigarettes pointing out that nicotine, though it does have side effects, is not the cause of cancer.

“For a component of smokers, if we can migrate them onto less harmful products, noncombustible products, the presumption is you’re going to be reducing risk in an adult population.”

The American Cancer Society is also turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. In a recent study, ACS made it clear that public misconceptions that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking need to be addressed as erroneous in order to help end combustible tobacco use.

From smoking to vaping

Since many are still unclear on terms like “e-cigarettes” and “vaping,” here’s a quick explanation:

Vaping refers to the use of devices, often called e-cigarettes or e-cigs that heat up liquids containing substances and creating a vapor that can be inhaled. This process is different from smoking in that many of the chemicals released by combustion are not released by vaping.

In addition, the liquids used in vaping, sometimes called e-liquids, may include nicotine and flavorings that allow former tobacco smokers a pleasant way to leave exposure to the carcinogens released behind by smoking.

Vaping can also be used to consume other products such as CBD, a derivative of cannabis with many healing properties, but this discussion remains focused on vaping e-liquids as an alternative to smoking tobacco.

So where do smokers go when they want to switch to vaping? The primary sources for e-cigarettes and e-liquids are so-called vape shops both on and offline. Local vape shops are often run as small businesses and provide a gathering place for vape enthusiasts both new and experienced. Online resources and e-commerce websites provide similar services accessible from the privacy of one’s own home. Many who vape make use of both on and offline sources.

Vaping creates new business opportunities

Vaping provides many of the pleasures of smoking without the carcinogens. (Source)

Just as tobacco created opportunities for huge businesses from growing tobacco to selling cigarettes, vaping as a way to leave tobacco behind is also creating new business opportunities. One blogger for vape gear supplier Vaptio shared “11 Best Vaping Business Money Making Opportunities” to introduce the possibilities.

Here are three worth considering and resources to follow up:

1. Creating your own line of e-liquids

If you want to be a vaping mogul, having your own line of e-liquids is a good way to start. But mixing them up yourself at home is a questionable approach at best. Consider the services of a company like White Label Liquid (OTCMKTS: WLAB) which can support you at every stage of the process from choosing flavors to designing your own labels to marketing your products.

White Label Liquid’s high-quality manufacturing processes ensure that you will deliver a great product to your customers from a trusted supplier. And if you want to expand into the world of the cannabis derivative, cannabidiol (CBD), the company can help with that as well. However, if you’re thinking maybe this is still too much to handle even with their help, you can always choose to invest in this growing enterprise.

2. Opening a brick and mortar shop

Opening your own vape shop can be a real challenge but one which is full of satisfaction. Beyond simply making a profit, vape shops provide a community gathering place which can turn neophytes into regular customers. However, there’s a lot to consider when opening a vape shop that goes beyond launching other forms of retail.

For an incredibly complete guide to relevant resources, check out “Everything you need to know to start a successful vape shop.” If you cannot make it through all that information, then the challenges of a vape shop may be too much to handle. In that case, consider this final possibility.

3. Joining affiliate programs

Joining an affiliate program is likely the easiest way to take advantage of new markets created by vaping. If you are active online, you can join an affiliate program and monetize that activity.

By joining an affiliate program you have access to listings of products for sale online, for example, from Vaptio which shared the blog post with these business ideas. By linking to those products using your affiliate code, you can then benefit from a percentage of sales made when people click on the links you post.

If you have your own website, you can post affiliate ads in the sidebar or write about the products that you recommend and include affiliate links. Wonder how those social media influencers are making money? Affiliate programs are one-way such stars turn all that attention into revenue.

Better health can be profitable

Vaping and e-cigarettes are opening a new front in the fight against cancer caused by combustible tobacco. For many of us, the fight against cancer can be a grim enterprise, one which has long been undermined by the profits tobacco companies make by encouraging the use of combustible tobacco products.

It may seem somewhat ironic to benefit from that fight but perhaps the understandable human fascination with new business opportunities can now provide a path as well to ending smoking. So consider for yourself if the growing commercial success of vaping and e-cigarettes can be a tool you can use for better health and better finances.

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