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    Google proposes a faster way for tech firms to share data on terror threats

    Current laws on information sharing between countries are slowing down efforts to stop international crime and terrorism. The present arrangement requires countries to enter into treaties, issue diplomatic requests, and then local warrants. That process can take mo

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    Intel to pay $400M for showing its new technology at the Olympics

    Intel to pay $400M for presenting its new technology at the Olympics

    Tanner Simkins

    Weekly business news: Amazon will charge advertisers $2.8M for 30-second ad spots during the TNF games and Intel will pay about $400M in cash and in-kind value through ‘24 in order to illustrate its advanced technical capabilities at the Olympics.

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    Gurus on gurus: Financial advisors on picking the right money coach

    Olivia McCall

    Back in the day, one man earned his living as a lifeguard and installer of sprinkler systems. With $5,000 that he saved up, he became a penny stock trader and later set up his own investment firm in 1960, thanks to

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